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I am a Bronze member and have mixed and matched a 2048/1024 v2 option file. When watching the tutorial on the PESUniverse site towards the start I see a file that I do not have and cant find. Basically I want to know if I need that or can get it if I become a silver member? Which I am happy to do.

I am talking about the "00. Apply Player and Squad Data" file? In the Bronze hub I cant seem to find that file? Any help would be amazing.

Also just checking that the Liga Aguila 2048 HD is only available in 2048? If so no worries.

Thanks again. Sorry if these are amateur questions!

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Wed Dec 13, 2017 11:39 am

When it shows 'Apply Player and Squad Data' in the tutorial, you only need to do this when you are adding teams such as Bayern Munich, Bundesliga teams where the team has been created from scratch and squad data needs updated.

For English PL teams, squad data does not need updated, so you don't need to apply that option.

It's not well explained in the tutorials and I think the tutorial you seen shows the person ticking the box to Apply Player and Squad Data when there is no need for it as the file they released at the time did not contain Bundesliga teams.

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