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Fri Sep 15, 2017 9:23 am


Is there any chance we could have a bit of an update on where to download the option file for the PC version?
All links on the website bring you to a 404 Error page so no luck there.

If this is not live yet, when can we expect it to go live?
Apologies if this has been asked millions of times before, i have never used this service before!!

Thank you in advance,

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Fri Sep 15, 2017 9:52 am

I was also wondering about that :) !
anyone ?

Youth Prospect
Youth Prospect
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Sun Sep 17, 2017 11:35 pm

The PS4 version works for PC. Just place in MyDoucumets/Konami/Pes18/WEPES folder and import. there is an instructional video posted on youtube by truebrits specifically for PC

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