Tutorial for PC Option File? V3

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Thu Oct 11, 2018 6:59 am

I would like to know, where we can find a tutorial how to install the V3 on pc.

There is a written tutorial, but only for ps4. Can someone tell me where to find it?
I watched the pc-tutorial for v1 on youtube, but I don't know how about V3 - cause there are different folders in the option file.

As we payed for the membership there should be at least a written one for every platform they offer their product.

Thanks a lot. :)

Youth Prospect
Youth Prospect
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Fri Oct 12, 2018 2:31 pm

I am experiencing a myriad of problems.
Downloaded the pc version, everything went perfectly, but just except the competitions! All this without doing the live update, otherwise the "dummy" appeared.
Il problema principale si presentava nei campionati africani etcc. in sostanza dal 55 al 57 (To solve it, but I'm not sure, just load the image first manually of these 3 championships, and strangely install them)

For the too many problems, I tried with the ps4 version, in the end the files are the same and indeed you have more things.
Fixed the competition of the bundesliga at 18, I installed the championships. As for the pc version, the last 3 do not work. Then manually load the images and install them.
I did not have any problems for the teams, except if you do the live update after the dummy shows up.
So before installing anything I do the live update ... and tadààà SERIES A does not install almost any team, and start to have problems with the boundeslinga etc...

Maybe if you do not do the live updates you can do something, but as soon as you go online the "dummy" jump on you!!

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