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Fri Dec 14, 2018 5:22 pm

Evening All

Im having a bit of a mare trying to get this V4 installed on PS4. Ive followed the loose instructions, however couple of things. When trying to install North Korea which file is it to select?

This leads onto my next part - the instructions could be so much clearer - in regard to the actual filenames that need to be selected. Of course this is being rather anal about it, however this isnt a smooth operation given the way this has been designed.

After installing this ive now got two Guangzhou Evergrandes? Is this right? According to other users they are reverting back to V3 as this still isnt complete?

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Thu Dec 20, 2018 11:10 am

Hi there. I am in a similar position and am disappointed to notice that you have not received any replies to your post. The process of the installation is straightforward and I completely understand however however the file names are very complex and difficult to identify against the steps in the guide. For example, when following the guide you are asked to install Algeria, now after a lot of searching I finally discovered that CAF_ARGpesuni1024.ted was the correct file for Algeria however the previous step (step 9) asks you to install the Argentina file which due to ARG being in that title I automatically presumed this was Argentina and not Algeria messing up my installation. I then noticed that further down the list there is another file with the country code ARG meaning Id used the wrong one and now have to start all over again.
Is it possible to change the titles of these files so they are much clearer and with a set of instructions specifically designed for use with V4. Im relatively new to PES and decided to go for a premium option with PESuniverse so I could get support as many of the free services seemed complex. I am hoping that support is available and that this is not a dead forum. Any help with these file names and instructions would be hugely appreciated and of course be beneficial to the PES community.
Many thanks.

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