This board is a disgrace!!

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Youth Prospect
Youth Prospect
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Fri Jan 04, 2019 2:25 pm

This looks like one big scam!
Having subscribers pay a fee to be the so called first to have acces to good option files.
Limited to say the least! Already found another classic option file on another website, (players more realistic aswell) for how damn long are we waiting for the Classic OptionFile V3.

News flash, even if you guys would put up the V3 Classic option file today, it still sucks,. cause by this time we should have atleast a V5

We all know its alot of work, and i really hope this ridicules delay is due to (personal issues ) for ne of the board members. i hope you and your loved ones all do good.
with that being sayd, There's a damn reason why we as subscribers payd a Fee!! and we want our money's worth! i bet you guys atleast made 500 to a 1000 euro. so pleasze do you damn job!!!!

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