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Thought I'd drag over my thread from another place I post. (Blasphemy, I know)

Thought it might be useful to collate some sort of list of ideas and suggestions to improve edit mode given as I'm sure at this moment there is a small team beavering away on early code for PES2018.

Player Editing:

1: Allow base copy of hair and face separately.

2: Allow for "custom" colouring of skin - even if it's just a spectrum of a few "skin" tones, because it's sometimes difficult in PES to make non-white players' tones look realistic.

3: More facial hair styles, including 3D facial hair.

Kit Editing:

4: More number font styles, including outlines.

5: Ability to save custom colours to a team, so we don't have to try and recreate it.

6: Kit base copy - to be able to copy the "in game" edited kit, to another slot / team.

Team Editing:

7: Location editing, to be able to set the team's locale, language of the banners, stadium background, crowd chant / flag style (English, European, Latin America, Asia etc)

8: Custom images for banners.

Stadium Editing:

9: Basic configuration of stands (Ideally something like 2013 had)

10: Turn catch fencing on / off behind goals.

11: Turn fencing off around perimeter.

Competition Editing:

12: Be able to choose the font and number style for all teams in the league (change colours in individual team edits)

Youth Prospect
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More short hairstyles. Dry. Mohawk, normal don't cut it. There's plenty longer hairstyles, they just skimp on the very short ones.

Long shot, but a gameface feature wouldn't go a miss either.

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